Birth of bioware

Jewelry That Harvests Energy From Your Veins. It’s very Cyberpunk, although it was know as bioware. In Cyberspace, it was the expensive power system for most of your implants. And I don’t remember Shadowrun talking about it, but it’s hard to tell from all the Elves and Dragons running around in the future.

It’s interesting and kind of cool to see the technology we are developing emerge from the games I’ve played. It’s added to the list along with;

  • the cyber eye created at Berkeley, well an external camera wired into the visual cortex, and
  • the neural-switch invented elsewhere.

Stormblade Infantry Bases

I’m currently working on a set of Stormblade Infantry for the local Journeyman league I’m part of. Here’s a breakdown of the bases.

  1. A coat of Charred Brown (72.045)
  2. Lines of Leather Brown (72.040)
  3. A layer of Secret Weapon’s Brown Fine Ballast.
  4. Dots of Charred Brown, Leather Brown, or Tan (72.066) mixed 1:1 with water
Stormblade Infantry bases
Stormblade Infantry bases

More when I finish the Stormblades…

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Although I’m in favour of Open Source Software, it’s good to know about Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP).

Concerning IP in Australia

This video, A day in the life of IP Australia, provides an overview of IPAustralia the Australian Government department dealing with IP and trademark concerns within Australia

UK Information


On the AsapScience Youtube Channel there is a simple hearing test with a little background on the subject.


For a fuller test look at the following series of videos