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Old Star League Base Notes

During the Reunification War, the Star League set up a staging point to enable the suppression of the Magistracy of Canopus. The Naval-base was complete in 2583 and after the destruction of the Magistracy’s navy enabled to control of a number of minor worlds.

It is unclear whether the naval base may have passed to control of the  FWLM‘s, or was decommissioned in 2584. The second being more likely, as there are no records of the base in the Marik military records after the withdraw of troops in 2604.

The Explorer Corps completed planetary surveys of Eagle RestCayuga, and Helvetica, but located no sign of Star League emplacements. They have set a low priority to star system-wide surveys because of the long time required for such a cache of Star League equipment.

However, the exact location of this hidden base is not located on any many possessed by Comstar.

Possible Locations

Based on historical documentation and comparing the maps from 2750 and 3040 of the location here is a short lost of possible worlds.

Suspected Contents

Based on SLDF documents of equipment shipped and SLDF & FWLM documents of equipment removed, it is likely that the following exist onsite.



Oxygen stripper

The science behind this weapon is a crystal that absorbs Oxygen (See Science DailyIFLScience or PopSci) for release later. The fact “A bucket full (10 litres) of the material is enough to suck up all the oxygen in a room.” is not much use on the surface of a planet, but in confined spaces like airlocks, or small rooms where it will take some find for the oxygen (O2) to return to breathable levels it has some potential. The other important thing about this substance it that it will release the O2 when there is a lack of oxygen or when heated.

One option is for the long term storage of O2 on spaceships, or for oxygen scrubbers that strip out the oxygen of the carbon dioxide (CO2.) to enable better life support systems. With heat releasing the oxygen when needed. A similar system could be create for deep sea exploration to remove the O2 from the water for use in the submarine.

Another option is a 2 kg aerosol canister can release this in a powdered form as a knock-out weapon for boarding actions on spaceships. Although the clean up would be difficult with the substance getting everywhere. A better idea maybe a trap, where the canister is opened the characters enter the room.

This will result in Hypoxia to the body and brain (Cerebral hypoxia). According to Wikipedia the list of symptoms for hypoxic hypoxia are: Cyanosis, Headache, Decreased reaction time, Impaired judgment time, Euphoria, Visual impairment, Drowsiness, Lightheaded or dizzy sensation, Tingling in fingers and toes, & Numbness. All of which can be experienced by mountain climbers and other people who are about 10,000 feet.

Battletech links

I recently found a list of battletech related sites, but it’s a mixed bag of resources.

  • – Best site (wiki) I’ve found for Battletech based information from mechs to history to the worlds.

Pirates find the Star League Base

November 2nd, 3043

It’s the fifth pirate raid in as many months and they seam to be searching the planet for something.


On the edge of an abandoned city set on low rolling hills.


  • COM-2D Commando
  • JR7-D Jenner
  • HER-2S Hermes II
  • LCT-3V Locust

Pirate Scouts

The first wave of the attacking for is composed of the following mechs;

  • Assassin
  • Panther
  • Jenner
  • Clint

A lull in the battle

The Clint parks outside the door to the concealed base, and the pilot enters through a service hatch. After finishing off the opposition the mech warriors enter the underground complex. They are met with a luck escape from an Anti Personnel mine, rusted gangways to fall off, some derelict battlemechs and a working computer.


After the botched raid the players capture a number of pilots, including Aran Kale. They also notice that the Jenner is the one that they have sold to fund the modification of the Quickdraw. The discovered Star League base offers slim pickings and is quickly claimed by the local authorities.

Twin Dragons

The Mercenary Unit that the PCs are part of, and you can guess which lance is theirs.

Unit Roster

Command Lance

  • DRG-1N Dragon
  • DRG-1N Dragon
  • SHD-2D Shadow Hawk
  • OSR-2C Ostroc

Striker Lance

  • GRF-1N Griffin
  • BJ-1 Blackjack
  • HBK-4J Hunchback
  • LCXT-1v Locust

The Left-over Lance

  • COM-2D Commando
  • JR7-D Jenner
  • HER-2S Hermes II
  • LCT-3V Locust

Protecting Paulinus (First Contract)

April 15th, 3043

The first contract for the PC after they have joined the Twin Dragons is garrison duty protecting the planet of Paulinus in the Lothian League for a period of two years. The job promises to boring, but as the first raid touches down the truth hits home.

Location: On flat open plains with a little tree cover.


  • COM-2D Commando
  • JR7-D Jenner
  • HER-2S Hermes II
  • LCT-3V Locust

Raiding Party

  • WSP-1A Wasp
  • LCT-3V Locust
  • STG-3R Stinger
  • COM-2D Commando


This battle saw a clean sweep to the defending lance. The Wasp went down to a lucky head shot and the Stinger & Locust where gutted by explosions. The Commando become salvage and used to repair the team’s Commando.