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Who the f#@k is my #DND character?

Sorry for the profanity, but this website (http://whothefuckismydndcharacter.com/) produces some of the weirdest characters for the D&D world I’ve seen for a long time. And it’s probably best if I give some examples:

  • A cynical half-Orc Rouge from a strict monastery, who’s a recovering cannibal.
  • A grouchy Dwarf Cleric from the Grave Digger’s Union, who can’t silence the voices
  • A mean Tiefling Wizard from a haberdashery who was raised by ghosts.
  • An old-fashioned Dragonborn Rouge from a floating city, who always alliterates their anecdotes.
  • A soulless Halfling Druid from a theatre company that wants everyone to like them.
  • A confident Tiefling Bard from a company of sell-swords who is certain their days are numbered
  • A conscientious half-Orc Monk from the pirate-infested isles of woe, who believes the trees can speak to them alone.
  • A stern Halfling Barbarian from the gutter, who was brought up to be a librarian
  • A curious Gnome Warlock from the Kitching of the local Barracks who is trying to avoid a prophecy

Character Archetypes from D&D

Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future is running a showcase of all the character classes, which has been cool reminiscing about favoured character archetypes I’ve played and what they’ve achieved. However, it also reminds me about the limits of such systems and the various versions of AD&D, D&D where build around this. Althogth AD&D 2nd Ed did try a little variation with it’s four basic classes and multiple kits. This allowed characters that are hybrids collecting from multiple templates to create something unique.

To see some excellent examples of the character class stereotypes in popular culture (TV, film, pretty much everywhere) have a look at the showcases below;