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Stormblade Infantry Bases

I’m currently working on a set of Stormblade Infantry for the local Journeyman league I’m part of. Here’s a breakdown of the bases.

  1. A coat of Charred Brown (72.045)
  2. Lines of Leather Brown (72.040)
  3. A layer of Secret Weapon’s Brown Fine Ballast.
  4. Dots of Charred Brown, Leather Brown, or Tan (72.066) mixed 1:1 with water
Stormblade Infantry bases
Stormblade Infantry bases

More when I finish the Stormblades…

Intro to Warmachine and Hordes

After a lifetime of avoiding Warhammer 40K I did play for about 6 months and like most, I like the fluff and model design, but the gaming group I joined moved on to Warmachine. The following thread does sum up my thoughts. I’m enjoying the painting of models and the tactical game.  To get a better idea of What is the game like, which provides a good summary with an overview of the factions in the Hordes & War Machine games. What they play like, covers the factions along with common misconceptions.

In an intensely tactical game like War Machine there are a number of tactical considerations for the starting wargamer that are important.

  • Whether to go first?
    • Going first can jam the board, and get the first charges.
    • Going second can choose the best terrainreact to your opponent’s deployment choices, start closer to the scenario scoring elements, and start scoring first.
  • Model placement to remain with command range, but avoid too many blast causalities, and handle charges.
  • The measurement of distances. When you can measure and what to look for.


Warmachine & Hordes – Quickstart rules to get you started with twin games of Warmachine and Hordes. There is also a Journeyman League, which introduces the game in easy stages in the form of a friendly competition. Also, check out the tips for a successful Journeyman League.

Battle College – This was a great resource to get an overview of a model or unit with additional thoughts on its use.