Protecting Paulinus (First Contract)

April 15th, 3043

The first contract for the PC after they have joined the Twin Dragons is garrison duty protecting the planet of Paulinus in the Lothian League for a period of two years. The job promises to boring, but as the first raid touches down the truth hits home.

Location: On flat open plains with a little tree cover.


  • COM-2D Commando
  • JR7-D Jenner
  • HER-2S Hermes II
  • LCT-3V Locust

Raiding Party

  • WSP-1A Wasp
  • LCT-3V Locust
  • STG-3R Stinger
  • COM-2D Commando


This battle saw a clean sweep to the defending lance. The Wasp went down to a lucky head shot and the Stinger & Locust where gutted by explosions. The Commando become salvage and used to repair the team’s Commando.