Old Star League Base Notes

During the Reunification War, the Star League set up a staging point to enable the suppression of the Magistracy of Canopus. The Naval-base was complete in 2583 and after the destruction of the Magistracy’s navy enabled to control of a number of minor worlds.

It is unclear whether the naval base may have passed to control of the  FWLM‘s, or was decommissioned in 2584. The second being more likely, as there are no records of the base in the Marik military records after the withdraw of troops in 2604.

The Explorer Corps completed planetary surveys of Eagle RestCayuga, and Helvetica, but located no sign of Star League emplacements. They have set a low priority to star system-wide surveys because of the long time required for such a cache of Star League equipment.

However, the exact location of this hidden base is not located on any many possessed by Comstar.

Possible Locations

Based on historical documentation and comparing the maps from 2750 and 3040 of the location here is a short lost of possible worlds.

Suspected Contents

Based on SLDF documents of equipment shipped and SLDF & FWLM documents of equipment removed, it is likely that the following exist onsite.