Born into the Raid Lords pirate band, John’s family spent most of his early childhood on the run from various authorities in the Free Worlds League, moving from world to world, before settling into the relative stability on-board of the jumpship Nightwind running cargoes between the worlds of the Marian Hegemony, the Illyrian Palatinate, the Lothian League and other minor worlds, such as the Niops Association. Along with other less legal activities…

From an early age John displayed a natural ability to work with machines spending much of his spare time with them. When on-planet he worked the industrial mech in the loading docks and spend much of his down-time travelling in the ‘mech simulator aboard the dropship, firewing. During most pirate raids John would either man the laser turrets on the Nightwind, or in the family’s mechs.

Now he has taken the opportunity to work with the Mercenary unit the Twin Dragons.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Japanese


  • Tech Empathy
  • Connection: Kimberely Benzai, jumpship captain

Special Item

As a result of his upbringing and family, he has a data core listing most of the pirate jump points for every system from the Circinus Federation to the Magistracy of Canopus and including 30 light years into the Free Worlds League.

On the Edge

March 27th, 3043

Beyond the edge of the Inner Sphere and the Free Worlds League is the planet of Paulinus. One of the six worlds controlled by the minor power known as the  Lothian League, this remote place is frequently subject to raiding pirates from the interstellar darkness. Standing against this shadowy threat is a mercenary company known as the Twin Dragons. However, still needing four more pilots to complete the contract, the commander, Joseph O’Tool sets about hiring new jocks for the jobs. Advertising local and near by planets the list of applicant is cut to a few who may be able to face up to the work, and after a series of gruelling trials the four are found to from a new lance.