Jack was born into a large spacer family of vagabonds and traders, and when he was a small child they moved to Trondheimal to claim a large parcel of land to farm. The family still used the two dropship and the jumpship the Ebony Arrow to run cargoes.

The Cirinus Federation attacked in 3034 destroying the family’s farm, capturing the two dropships. Jack survived for two years on the streets before the Federation left, and could return to his ruined home. But with no family, he moved with the many refugees to the capital of the Illyrian Palatinate, Illyria. Spending most of his time around the loading docks of the space port he got to know the various dropship captains and merchants.He grew up around the loading docks working with the industrial ‘mechs and playing on the combat simulators.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Unknown


  • Connection: Jax Mortan, merchant.
  • Connection: Maurek, bounty hunter.
  • Fast learner

Special Item

The Ebony Arrow, an old derelict Invader class jumpship in concealed orbit around a star only known to Jack.