Aran Kale


Aran was born into a Scandinavian family in 3024 on the world of Harvest before the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic his family was urban poor, so he spent much of his time growing up on the streets under the rule of the Draconis Combine. When the world was captured by the Lyran Commonwealth, Aran’s parents signed him up for a scholarship with the Tamar War College, which he won for his phenomenal Fitness. Although it meant traveling the Tamar to start his training. While at the Tamar college, Aran met Jacob Rann and the two rapidly became enemies. After a particularly bad incident involving honey and a dozens ducks in the barracks, Jacob forced Aran’s transfer to Martial Academy of Bolan, on the other side of Lyran controlled space.

On route to Bolan, he befriended the jumpship captain, Lucas Keal shipping cargoes and passengers. It took another three long and harsh years at the Bolan Academy before the basic training was complete. During this time he officially became a citizen of the Free Rasalhague Republic with it’s creation. With the help of Jacob Rann the Lyran bureaucracy finial realized Aran’s status as not one of us, so he lost the remaining 3 months of his scholarship. Lacking the financial means to continue his studies or even support himself. He looked elsewhere, and as luck would have it Lucas was on Bolan and offered a way off world in exchange for helping out as crew.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Swedish


  • Enemy: Jacob Rann
  • Connection: Lucas Keal
  • Fit
  • Toughness

Special Item

To be added later!