#3: Planning the Heist

With 2 players canceling at the last minute, this session was just the 3 Bratva sellouts. So I made use of the time to finish off details from last session, gather information, research the details and get them to plan the heist.

The Russain used his contacts in NCPD, and Grush his ex-military nomad contacts to discover this information.

  • The convoy of trucks to be loaded down the coast from an unknown ship.
  • The convey splits at a junction south of night city. 2 trucks head south out of town and the 3 the PCs are interested in head north along the I-115
  • Cops are due to escort the trucks from this junction at 7pm.
  • The convey is due to his the I-115 junction near the heart of Night City, by 1:15am, but this does not fit with the rest of the timing.

The plan should work something like this

  • The team hires a Bratva Netrunner to take out the cars in close range.
  • They get 3 double-barrel sawn-off shotguns and load them with acid shells to take out the armored windows.
  • They talked with the Concierge of the motel they are staying at, to connect them with some street races. They pass on information about the blind spots in the police patrols.