#2: Sunday

I really should take better notes for this stuff. This session follows on after the PCs return to the motel and from when they wake the next morning. (NB: Grush’s player couldn’t make it, so I had him leave early, while the others were asleep).

The Russain was contacted by Zeeshan “Bellock” Fry (Police Beneficiary Fund), after saving so many SWAT cops from Maelstrom. We need you to deliver 2 crates to a private security company, Security Blanket, by Monday. This was dealt with by the afternoon and recieved the payment of a Heckler & Koch MPK-2020 SMG & Militech Bulldog Compact Assault Shotguns with a box of ammo for each.

Grush gets a message from the Bratva for an accident. A Soloil contact, “Capsian”, knows of 3 fuel trucks bringing in a shipment up through the 828-928 interchange headed to the NorCal Military Base, Monday morning. The rest is for him to sort out.

Mr White is contacted by Khadeejah “Zigzag” Chang, Militech Home Security specialist with crates of weapons. 5 crates of “Dai Lung Cybermag 15” and 2 of “Budget-Arms C-13”, with boxes of ammo. He quickly oragnises financing via a local factor friend.

Tracer gets an old truck as part of a deal to dispose of some toxic waste from “CyberHammer”, a worker from NightCity’s treatment plant.

All this before they leave the motel…
On the way to secure the cash, Mr. White, gets caught in the crossfire of gang violence between the Bradi Bunch & Red Chrome Legion. He waits out the conflict from behind cover, using his knowledge of the streets to identify the contacts with both groups.
Cashed up, Mr White gets a van & storage space, before proceeding with the others to collect the weapons.