#1: Saturday Night

What follows is a quick summary of events from the game and used as the basis of my own notes.

  • The team makes contact with the Media Corporate, My Johnston, by rescuing him from a pack of Inquisitor gang members.
  • The fifth member of the team (Mr. White) joins a little later.
  • On their way to the Block party, the Russian takes to two cops who have just called SWAT to break up Maelstrom’s party.
  • The party is in an abandoned building with a crowd out the front. The entrance is blocked by the doorman, Codey “Sable” Guthrie. Fixer tries to talk their way past, fails annoying Sable. The Chemist steps up, trying to talk their way past and pisses Sable off, shoving him away with some violence in his eyes.
  • Grush breaks a chain around the side to allow them to walk into an empty ground floor shop front.
  • Heading up the stairs to the first floor they encounter; a pimp accepting payment for the pleasures inside, a ripper doc charging for an optic implant, and thing corp (Authorised Militech reseller), and a big Voodoo guy.
  • The second floor has been cleared, only leaving the supports in place, and a large hole in the roof. The Russain has previously noticed a large mass of people on this floor.
  • They persuade the Manager, Hafsa “Requiem” Kaur, to let the band escape the SWAT police action. The band, “My Heart, Your Teeth” takes a 10-minute break.
  • The team move to the van in the basement and escape before the SWAT arrives.
  • The team follows on foot.
    • The Chemist hangs off the back of the vehicle. 
    • (Fixer) and Grush catches a Cab back to the Motel.
    • The Russian talks to SWAT and warns them about Maelstrom. Then leaves the scene to catch a cab back to the motel
    • (Nomad) gets injured, applies first aid to 2 acid burn victims from the Bozo attack, then walks back to the motel.
  • Mr Johnston and Hafsa Kaur hammer out a deal for “My Heart, Your Teeth”
  • The team gets paid, goes home… Well they pay for 2 days in a local motel