#0: A Cyberpunk 2020 Intro

So, I’ve been running a Cyberpunk 2020 introduction in the lead up to Cyberpunk Red. When I started this I hoped that Red would be released at Gencon, no such luck. Talking to my local game store I’ve managed to get five players…

Session Zero. The team consists of

  • “The Chemist”, a Medtech
  • Yuri “The Russian” Kolganon, a Cop
  • “Grush”, a Solo
  • Tracer Naught, a Nomad
  • Mr White, a Fixer

And 3 of them decided to sell out for extra cyberware and cash. Which is how I get to the name of this group because they sold out to the same group, the Russian Marfia, or Bratva. And this connection will influence the entire series of games from this point onwards. So, I needed to do some research to add flavor to the game;

#0: Initial Combat & Job Offer

Once the characters were created the players wanted to have a go at combat. So using the random encounter table, I had the Inquisitors attack the Corporate they were meeting. After a few rounds of a brutally one side combat with the Inquistors, the players gain a small bonus for saving the corp’s life. An extra 450eb.

The Job is simple, get the band and persuade them to come meet the corporate for an offer. He was happy to pay a finders fee for 50eb for a quick collection of the band and their van.