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Ulthwé Wave Serpent

As stated before I’m fan of the Eldar (aka Elves IN SPACE!) Anyone who’s seen the original The Muppets TV series will know how it sounds, and for those that don’t there is youtube…


I like the idea of the Eldar as much as the visual look of the miniatures with their runes of power. However, I prefer to avoid the 40K game. The way the game is played in short shape battles with defined boarders and objectives does not suit an ancient race slowly dying out wondering the stars on their own craftworlds. Any species with a long history knows that, if you meet strength in opposition it will end in destruction. Any psychic beings worth their minds does not engage in direct conflict, but subtly redirect their opponents into their weapons, or into other monsters. Regardless of my thoughts on the game the miniatures look cool and the few I’ve painted look good.

Ulthwé Wave Serpent with Jetbike support

Ulthwé Wave Serpent with three Jetbike in toe.

Ulthwé Wave Serpent
Close up of the Ulthwé Wave Serpent looking at the engines and intakes.
Close up of a Ulthwé Wave Serpent
Close up of the Ulthwé Wave Serpent with a focus on the back hatch and engines.