A Map for Shadowrun

Playing in a game of Shadowrun 5e and the question of maps came up. in particular, Ley lines and connecting them to the game world. Luckily, the Internet contains geeks who have made something that could be used. the main challenge was getting the data that could be moved into Google Maps or Google Earth. Note: the upload limit for Google Maps kiboshed that idea

The Shadowrun world map was quickly solved, thanks to Reddit thread, Google Earth Shadowrun.

Although there are a lot of sites on Ley lines with helpful titles like;

None of them seams to have anything useful.

Leylines.net does have a Google Earth style map, but the data was hidden so it can not be combines with the Shadowrun map.

A bland-looking website… strangely enough these older websites tend to have the better data… had Explore the UVG Grid with Google Earth with a useful kmz file to upload to Google Earth.

The two together make a great resource for Shadowrun GMs and players