Print on Demand Services, Melbourne

The costs with the local printer for the printing of a single book proved to be too expensive. So I did bit of research into Print on Demand services in and around Melbourne, Victoria. Although I have not looked into it, most books seam to be printed in China at the moment and companies there should provide a cheaper service, but you would need to be certain of the end product as there are many things that could go wrong.

Print on Demand

Print on Demand or PoD,  is a useful adaption by printers to everyone’s need for a one off books, or a very short run of books. There have been improvements in software used to produce books, for example Adobe’s InDesign or the open source Scribus. Websites have also improved in that they can provide an image that looks close to the final document, removing some of the need for the converting from digital to print. This has resulted in less risks and associated costs with following this path.

The Process

Generally speaking, once the document or book has been written. The text is laid-out on the page, with images & diagrams added. There are a number of check that should happen at this stage, the pre-flight document before being sent to the printer. Looking at things like the colour gamuts of the text and images, the bleed, the placement of the gutters, margins and slugs. It really opens another world of possibility when converting an idea into a physical really.

PoD Services

So here’s a quick list;