Simple DIY Wet Palette

I’m refurbishing my DIY wet palette to some more miniature painting. It is so simple to create that I’m surprised no one’s done a full breakdown on this. So, one short video later…

What do you need to make your own?

  1. A plastic container with a lid to stop the water from evaporating quickly.
  2. A piece of paper towel folded to fit in the container.
  3. A piece of baking paper to fit on top of the paper towel.
  4. And enough water to soak the paper towel. Just make sure you drain off any excess.

Cyber-helms for all situations

<corp jingle>
The Micro-Air bubble for all of your outdoor needs,
filters out neurotoxins floating around the streets.
</corp jingle>

This is just an example

Word from the street:

… Hey man these things are great, just hook them up to the auto-doc atomiser, and breath in your concoction of choice …

– Unknown ‘Dorpher

… Upgraded a batch of these for the 13th district PD, with armored faces, smart-google HUD, and rebreathers. Worked a charm, except if you smack the exhaust port, the facemask pops right off …

– Kutter, Techie

… Got to watch the effects when a Netrunner, flipped the filter direction and sucked all the air out … I’ll never use them again …

– Gimbals, Street Solo

An 18-month break?!?

From the midst of the storm of the last 3 years, I’ve had to pack a lot of side projects away while I focused on my job. So, a while ago I archived this website. Bring things back online it’s been 18 months since the last post.

Now, to pick up the pieces. Reorganise the parts into something coherent. Maybe a facelift. A continued imaginary exploration of the other worlds. Fantasy realms of the past, the all too near future of dystopian oligarchs, and an expanse of sci-fi stars stuck in an all too familiar pattern of human conflict.

A Map for Shadowrun

Playing in a game of Shadowrun 5e and the question of maps came up. in particular, Ley lines and connecting them to the game world. Luckily, the Internet contains geeks who have made something that could be used. the main challenge was getting the data that could be moved into Google Maps or Google Earth. Note: the upload limit for Google Maps kiboshed that idea

The Shadowrun world map was quickly solved, thanks to Reddit thread, Google Earth Shadowrun.

Although there are a lot of sites on Ley lines with helpful titles like;

None of them seams to have anything useful. does have a Google Earth style map, but the data was hidden so it can not be combines with the Shadowrun map.

A bland-looking website… strangely enough these older websites tend to have the better data… had Explore the UVG Grid with Google Earth with a useful kmz file to upload to Google Earth.

The two together make a great resource for Shadowrun GMs and players

Cyberpunk Red Character sheet

My 2 page version of the Cyberpunk Red Character sheet.

Page 1 with the stats, skills and character profile
Page 2, with the gear, cyberware, and combat stuff (armour, weapons & health)

Update: I had some problems with the fillable fields, but that should now be fixed. Thanks to those who pointed it out.

Drink the Future

Lockdown’s been driving most people crazy and I’ve needed a way to add to my campaign. So, I’ve been working on some background elements for my Near Future Campaign. It’s a Work in Progress at the moment, as some labels need changing.


Soda for your brain!

Loaded with neuro-chemicals to enhance your thinking.


For that edge in speed AmphetaCola is a cut above the rest.


Reload that relaxed feeling, with SodaTranq.

Available in 2 flavours Grape & Berry.

The gorgeous grape relaxant cuts the edge off.

Drift off into berry bliss.