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Kal Skirata


KalĀ Skirata was born within the Niops Association on the world of Niops V. His father was imprisoned for seeking equal rights for all citizens, leaving his mother and himself on the run from the authorities. Life eventually settled down when his mother was able to find work off-world aboard a dropship working LoaderMechs to handle cargoes.

While growing up in the cargo holds, loading docks, and space ports of Niops and neighbouring worlds, Kal met Richard Lew a supplier of information and exotic equipment.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Other????


  • Connection: Richard Lew
  • Combat Sense

Special Item

A large ring set with a single dark garnet, which conceals a data crystal containing encrypted files.

On the Edge

March 27th, 3043

Beyond the edge of the Inner Sphere and the Free Worlds League is the planet of Paulinus. One of the six worlds controlled by the minor power known as theĀ  Lothian League, this remote place is frequently subject to raiding pirates from the interstellar darkness. Standing against this shadowy threat is a mercenary company known as the Twin Dragons. However, still needing four more pilots to complete the contract, the commander, Joseph O’Tool sets about hiring new jocks for the jobs. Advertising local and near by planets the list of applicant is cut to a few who may be able to face up to the work, and after a series of gruelling trials the four are found to from a new lance.